Ragsdale High School

The Ragsdale High School addition and renovation project provided much needed repairs and additional square footage to the 50-year-old high school. After Jamestown Middle School, which shared the same campus, was re-located to a new site, the high school expanded into the old middle school building. This project saw the complete renovation of the existing middle school and high school buildings, as well as the construction of a new link building containing offices and a media center. The school is now one contiguous, modernized facility. Part of the old high school building was torn down and reconstructed as an autism wing.

The main system was a 4-pipe chiller/boiler system with air handlers, VAVs, fan coils, heating unit ventilators, and dedicated outdoor air systems. Mechanical systems were controlled by an Alerton control system. The Energy Star rating on the building was improved from 71 to 87.