Existing Building Cx

Army Reserve Center, Knightdale, NC

Unlocking Savings and Efficiency Through Existing Building Commissioning

Existing Building Commissioning is the easiest and most efficient way to save owners money. Whether it be creating better synergy in a building’s HVAC system, developing more cost-efficient scheduling, or working side by side with facility staff to find the simplest solutions to the most difficult issues; EbCx has proven to create fast investment returns leading to higher profits, increased equipment longevity and more comfortable and efficient workplaces.

The Phases of Existing Building Commissioning

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Planning Phase

Commissioning WorCx is well-equipped for whatever your needs may be. We work with individual facilities or look at the energy usages of multiple facility portfolios to help assess what the most accessible and highest level of energy-saving measures are available for the owner.

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In the Planning Phase of the Existing Building Cx Process, we work with owners to determine their energy goals and a Cx Plan, gather available documentation, review current facility requirements, conduct interviews with the building staff, and do a thorough walk-through.

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In this phase, we review the gathered documentation, a more in-depth walk-through, an energy analysis/bench marking, evaluation of BAS, function all testing, and develop a Master List of Findings.


This is where we work alongside the Owner to develop a budget and prioritize the Master List of Findings into a Cost Vs. Payback solution plan, look at financing options, implement corrective measures, and retest.

Hand Off

The most exciting phase for us all! In the hand off phase, Commissioning WorCx delivers personalized training plans, an Updated Systems Manual/ Building Operating Plan, and a building working less hard for more efficiency.