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Quality Control for Optimized Buildings

Commissioning is an independent quality control process, contracted by the owner, that ensures buildings operate at peak performance. Spanning from conceptual design through the 12-month warranty period, commissioning applies to dynamic systems like mechanical, electrical, and life safety. The result is buildings that meet the comfort, safety, and efficiency expectations of occupants and owners.

Quality Control for Optimized Buildings

Our Dedicated CX Experts

Our team is dedicated to aiding and facilitating the smoothest and best quality
MEP commissioning services possible.


Tom Foster, Jr.

J. Thomas Foster, Jr., PE, CxA, LEED

Tom’s experience is wide-ranging and includes design, installation and commissioning oversight and review responsibility of over one thousand projects. His practical approach has been utilized from system startup through development of operation and maintenance of programs for systems. He has worked with peer commissioning authorities, as well as in-house personnel, to provide commissioning services and clean room level test and balance verification resulting in high client satisfaction. Tom’s expertise includes designing, installing, and troubleshooting HVAC, DDC and EMCS control systems, understanding testing instrumentation, air and hydronic testing and balancing procedures, and development of functional test procedures and plans. Tom has developed long term client relationships and continues to maintain those relationships with owners through effective communication skills and consistent project delivery methods.

  • Address: 4915 Piedmont Parkway, Suite 105 Jamestown, NC 27282
  • Email: TFoster@commworcx.us
  • Phone: (336)601-2249

Lee Huffines

Lee Huffines, PE, CxA, EMP LEED AP
Managing Partner

Lee Huffines has over 15 years of experience in commissioning and energy management. He is a state-licensed engineer that maintains Energy Management Professional (EMP) and Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA) credentials. He has been instrumental in fostering enduring relationships with clients and project team members. He successfully bridges the information gap between the owner’s intent, designer’s ideas, and the construction’s implementation. Lee has strong skills in fostering collaboration within project teams to swiftly resolve challenges and keep projects on track, providing oversight/mentoring of commissioning technicians and field engineers, and specializes in implementing, integrating, and optimizing of building automation systems and well as writing detailed and proficient Functional Performance Tests.

  • Address: 4915 Piedmont Parkway, Suite 105 Jamestown, NC 27282
  • Email: LHuffines@commworcx.us
  • Phone: (336) 501-2164

our staff is knowledgeable, versatile, and devoted to your project. We work systematically to solve any problems that may arise, leaving your team the ability to focus on what they do best!


John Griffin

John Griffin, TBE- NEBB Test and Balance Engineer
NC State Board of Engineers of Plumbing, Heating & Fire Sprinkler Contractors

John began his career working for a mechanical equipment manufacturer doing trouble shooting and then later a controls manufacturer also troubleshooting. He later spent several years in the Mechanical contracting business on heavy industrial application will full, hands-on experience. He finally moved into high end Test and Balance for specialized facilities (pharmaceuticals clean rooms, etc.) and stayed there for 20 years before joining Commissioning WorCx. John provides support for all areas of mechanical and plumbing commissioning with particular focus on test and balance verification and understanding of hydronic and air systems, and how they are supposed to work. He has worked with Tom Foster and Lee Huffines on many projects over the last 10 years to make sure that the end results met the owner’s requirements. A special strength of John’s is his work on existing buildings and forensic problem analysis.

  • Address: 4915 Piedmont Parkway, Suite 105 Jamestown, NC 27282
  • Email: JGriffin@commworcx.us
  • Phone: (910) 308-7379
  • Url: http://commissioningworcx.us

Matt Ritter

Mathew Ritter, PE
Cx Technician

Matthew Ritter is Commissioning WorCx’s top Cx Technician. He joined Commissioning WorCx as a full- time employee in April 2019 after completing his 2017 internship and is currently has been working directly with Lee Huffines and John Griffin on several major projects. He has been instrumental in leading Cx meetings between contractors, owners, and designers to facilitate commissioning activities on projects during the design, construction, and turnover phases. He provides functional testing services and works closely with controls contractors to validate equipment control sequences to meet design and owner requirements. Matt is responsible for developing commissioning software databases for each project to document commissioning activities such as pre-functional checklists, functional tests, issues logs, owner training documentation and organize all documentation into a final report. Matt uses knowledge gained from his biological engineering degree at NC State to solve problems. “Think and do.” Matt is currently the President of the North Piedmont Chapter of ASHRAE.

  • Address: 4915 Piedmont Parkway, Suite 105 Jamestown, NC 27282
  • Email: MRitter@commworcx.us
  • Phone: (336) 340-4235
  • Url: http://commissioningworcx.us

Taryn Wooten

Taryn Wooten
Office Administrator

As our office manager, Taryn Wooten acts as an accessible point-of-contact for our clients and partners. She uses her diverse background, nearly 20 years in sales, management, and customer service, to provide quality assurance in our daily interactions. She is responsible for document management for our individual projects and in house records. Taryn is driven by her passion for sustainability and her love of people and has found Commissioning to be the perfect marriage of both.

  • Address: 4915 Piedmont Parkway, Suite 105 Jamestown, NC 27282
  • Email: Twooten@commworcx.us
  • Phone: (336) 419-6392
  • Url: http://commissioningworcx.us
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